FAQ - Y-Tricity And The Y-Wall A Wall Mounted Wireless Charger


Here are some frequently asked questions about the startup and the Wall mounted wireless charger

Which mobile phone works with Y-Wall?

Our Wall Mounted Wireless Charger is compatible with most of the modern devices.

Apple products :

iPhone 8/8 Plus 

iPhone X/Xs/Xr.

Samsung products : 

Galaxy S9/S9+

Galaxy Active/S8/S8+

Galaxy Note 8/ Note 7 FE /Note 5

Galaxy S7/S7 Edge

Galaxy S6/S6 Edge

Galaxy Edge +

LG products :

G6+, V30, V30S+, V30S+, ThinQ, G7 ThinQ



Does Y-Wall work with the phone case on?

Yes, our engineers made an amazing job in the making of Y-Wall. So, as long as it’s not thicker than 3mm and not magnetic, you will have no issue charging the phone.



Are you currently looking for Product testers?

Yes! We are actively looking for people to test Y-WALL because a successful product isn't only about "on paper" specs, it's about how our customers feel about it.

If you are interested in our tester program, please send us an email at info@y-tricity.tech